Monday, 28 December 2015


It's a been a tough decision but sadly, Issue 3 of CSO will be the last. A huge thank you to everyone that has supported it over the years and been very patient throughout it's troubled and lengthy production but I can no longer commit my time to it properly and it really does need a lot of care and attention that I can no longer give to it. It was fun while it lasted.
Scott Burditt

Thursday, 10 December 2015

CSO Issue 3

The latest issue of CSO is complete. It has 68 pages filled with various shows from UFO (featured on the front cover), Doomwatch, Sherlock Holmes, Murder Most English, Take a letter Mr Jones, Doctor Who, Blackadder, Ghostwatch and much more!

If you visit the Facebook page before 14th December, their is a competition to win 1 of 5 copies of every issue!

CSO Issue 3 is now available to purchase here

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

CSO Issue 2

Hello! Nice to see you again. Thanks for coming back. Today sees the launch of Issue 2, FREE to view online. Just click the link to the left to enjoy the new issue. Issue 2 has had a revamped retro look, which I hope you will like. CSO Issue 2 has been a long time in the making and you'd be forgiven for thinking it was never going to happen, considering the launch issue was in 2012 but as with every project that is a hobby, it is only done in precious spare time, so it's a joy to finally release it now. Best of all... Issue 3 is in production too!

Friday, 18 July 2014

CSO Issue 2 Update

Issue 2 of CSO is now finally under construction. Yes, it's been nearly 2 years since Issue 1 but CSO Towers is still very much in operation. A new site design and logo has been created and Issue 2 promises to bring you the popular, the obscure and the plain just unexpected. We hope to have the new issue completed before the end of the year. See you soon!

Thursday, 10 April 2014


June 30th 2014 is now the deadline for written articles. If you'd like to contribute please email Thank you :)

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

FANNUAL Special Offer

UPDATE: 2/3/2014:-



Most Exciting News!


After 48 years of waiting... it's finally here! THE RED FANNUAL is ready to order. Grab the Red Colour Cover Paperback edition today and fill that gap in your old World Distributors annual collection. FANNUAL is an unofficial fan produced 172 page A4 fanzine, featuring Peter Cushing as Dr. Who. FANNUAL is filled with stories, features and comic strips! There is only a very limited quantity available of this edition, so order early to guarantee you receive a copy...
FANNUAL CONTENTS (Spoiler Warning!!!):

It All Begins Tomorrow
Writer: Mark Hevingham
Illustrator: Paul Cooke
Dr. Who and his young granddaughter Susan are on the verge of finishing Tardis in late 1963, when a shocking news event breaks...

Strip Adaptation: Dr. Who and The Daleks
Illustrator: Shaqui Le Vesconte

Feature: Secrets of Dalek Control
Writer/Illustrator:  Shaqui Le Vesconte

Intermission 1: Tardis
Writer: Deb Richardson
Illustrator: Logo Polish
Ian Chesterton is baffled by Dr. Who and Susan's explanation of why Tardis looks like a police box...

Susan and the King
Writer: Beth Jones
Illustrator: Arfon Jones
Dr. Who and Susan travel back in time and become caught in events surrounding the civil war of the 1600s...

Feature: Who is Dr. Who?
Illustrator: Adam Bullock

The Pursuers
Writer: Shaqui Le Vesconte
Illustrator: Owen Claxton
Dr. Who's nightmare of a recent trip in Tardis to a distant alien world is the prelude to a mystery involving a couple he encounters on Barnes Common...

Feature: Secrets of Tardis
Illustrator: Jim Wilkins

The Underground Menace
Writer/Illustrator: Terry Cooper
On the planet Silicus, Dr. Who and his fellow travellers encounter the Cybermen...

Intermission 2: Soft Centres
Writer: Deb Richardson
Illustrator: Jim Wilkins
Dr. Who and Susan are hostages of two aliens who stowed away in Tardis...

Intermission 3: Doors
Writer: Deb Richardson
Illustrator: Jim Wilkins
Ian encounters sliding doors with attitude...

Feature: Who is Susan?
Illustrator: Adam Bullock

The Brethren of Infinity
Writer: Shaqui Le Vesconte
Illustrator: Barry Delve
On the planet Samsara, Dr. Who and Susan are caught up in a conflict between the two sides of the Brethren of Infinity, as they wait for their Great Deity to save them from its imminent apocalypse...

Feature: Who is Barbara?
Illustrator: Adam Bullock

Strip Adaptation: Curse of the Daleks
Illustrator: Paul Cooke

The Short and the Tall of It
Writer: J.R. Southall
Illustrator: Graham Hellen
After falling on Dr. Who's Polarity Field Manipulation Device, Ian and Barbara fight for survival in the inventor's own living room...

Intermission 4: The Grand Market of Daxor
Writer: Ian Wheeler
Illustrator: Jim Wilkins
Dr. Who and Susan unwittingly upset a couple of alien traders...

Day of the Automatons
Writer: Robyn Agnew
Illustrator: Tony Clark
Returning to Earth from a trip in Tardis, Dr. Who, Barbara and Susan find Ian and others close to them acting very strangely...

Intermission 5: Washer
Writer: Tim Gambrell
Illustrator: David MacGowan
Fixing a leaking sink ought to be simple task for Ian, but he did not bargain on Dr. Who's help...

Feature: Anatomy of a Dalek
Writer/Illustrator: Tony Clark

Strip: The Planet in Peril
Writer/Illustrator: Mark Toner

Silent Night
Writer: Mark Hevingham
Illustrator: Mark Toner
Dr. Who, Ian, Barbara and Susan land in one of the most terrible places in human history - No Man's Land during the First World War...

The Gift of Mathias
Writer: Katherine Lopez
Illustrator: David MacGowan
On the far side of the galaxy, Dr. Who and Susan discover a harmonious civilisation with a terrible secret...

The Cosmic Ice
Writer: Grant Foxon
Illustrator: Mark Hevingham
Tardis materialises in the Oort Cloud that encircles the solar system and becomes trapped...

Intermission 6: Terra Interstellar Entertainment
Writer: Scott Burditt
Illustrator: Adric Cabbage
A desperate struggle by Dr. Who to salvage the cultural heritage of an alien race...

Intermission 7: Worth Fighting For
Writer: Deb Richardson
Illustrator: Adam Bullock
At Dr. Who's urging, Ian tries to persuade the Thals to fight back against the Daleks...

The Cabinet of Illusion
Writer: Scott Burditt
Illustrators: Marc D Lewis / Paul Cooke
Someone has stolen Tardis from Dr. Who's back garden! Trying to cheer a sullen Dr. Who, Susan suggests a trip to a local travelling circus...

Intermission 8: Handing Over
Writer: Katherine Lopez
Illustrator: Shaqui Le Vesconte
Barbara and Louise share time together, as one passes her responsibilities to the other...

Strip Adaptation: Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150AD
Illustrator: Matias Festa

The Dalek Museum
Writer: Charles Daniels
Illustrator: Deborah Taylor
Dr. Who and Susan journey to the Museum of Space Science in the year 3000...

Feature: Exciting Adventure Maze
Writer/Illustrator: Christian Tarpey

Happy Ever After
Writer: Katherine Lopez
Illustrator: Barry Delve
On a beautiful planet, Susan encounters an alien prince and the two become romantically involved...

Intermission 9: Food
Writer: Deb Richardson
Illustrator: Carolyn Edwards
Dr. Who learns the terrible evil behind the Dalek treatment of human slaves in the year 2150AD...

Intermission 10: Time and Relatives
Writer/Illustrator: David MacGowan
Dr. Who ponders on the nature of time, and his family...

The War Moon
Writer: Shaqui Le Vesconte
Illustrator: Mike Daws
The Chauvin are arms dealers to the galaxy, and their clients become interested in using Tardis as a weapon. But other forces are at work on the War Moon of planet Skirm...

The Friend
Writer: Katherine Lopez
Illustrator: Shaqui Le Vesconte
Susan befriends a strange creature on a alien planet, unaware that it is plotting to kill her at the first opportunity...

Feature: Tardis Manual
Writer/Illustrator:  Shaqui Le Vesconte

The Trial of Dr. Who
Writer: Shaqui Le Vesconte
Illustrator: Dave Golding
The Knights of Chronos are self-styled guardians of time, and put Dr. Who on trial for creating a temporal paradox by returning Tom Campbell to 1966 before he left in Tardis...

Intermission 11: Fair’s Fair
Writer: Robyn Agnew
Illustrator: David Parker
As a treat for her 13th birthday, Dr. Who and Louise take Susan to the funfair on planet Parlyaree but Tardis breaks down with them trapped inside...

The Girl at the End of Time
Writer: Katherine Lopez
Illustrator: Dave Golding
As the universe dies in the distant unimaginable future, Dr. Who has a terrifying encounter. What is the mystery of the Girl at the End of Time itself?

Feature: A Page For You To Colour
Illustrator: Sue Veneer

Feature: Dr. Who Cut Out Figures
Illustrator: Mike Daws

FANNUAL - Colour Edition with Red Cover

As an added bonus, early purchasers will receive a FREE COPY of the Cult TV Fanzine CSO - Issue 1 for a limited time. 

 Peter Cushing played Dr. Who in two 1960s films and to this date has never had his own annual. Now, we give you the chance to fill this gap in your collection with a fan produced unofficial Dr. Who annual. We'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to make FANNUAL a reality. 
Happy reading!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


You will be pleased to hear that there will be a second issue of CSO - The Cult TV Fanzine and it will be produced in 2014. At the moment we are looking for submissions to this issue and would appreciate your help. In return we will supply a free contributor's copy of the issue. Please refer to the submissions guidelines for CSO on this site. We are open to all suggestions and if you have an obscure show you'd like to see featured please let us know and we will see what we can do...